Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Jonny jonny yeah papa

This is the brats favouritest nursery rhyme ever. He says it with feeling. Acting out the yeah papa, no papa bits with vigorous headshaking action. I enjoyed it in the beginning, but now I feel I need a little more variety. Nope. Not a chance. Sit down and listen to Jonny jonny yeah papa. Kishi, say teddy bear teddy bear. He will stare at you impassively. Shake his head imperiously. No. And then get right back on the Jonny jonny yeah papa bandwagon. Twinkle twinkle little star. No. Chitdoown. Jhool bacha jhool. And then, the piece de resistance. Jonny jonny yeah papa. Uuuugggghh! Let me put this into context. The situation is that brat needs to be placed in the swing (thats why the jhool bacha jhool factor), I have to sit and push the swing (sit purely because this swing business will go on for the better part of an hour and I dont have the leg power any more to cope with that-- and thats why the Chitdown command from the brat) and once we are swinging in the breeze thats when the Jonny jonny yeah papa starts. Eegawd. Then sometimes when the yearning to be in school and with teacher and assorted brats gets too much, he pulls me by the hand and states gumoningteacher. And answers himself. Gumoningkishi. Then comes A for apal. B for ball or apal again depending on how the wind blows. Every time we pass the vicinity of the school he squeaks in delight. Gumoningteacha. A for apal. Am wondering how to get the brat into serious toilet training. Drag him to the loo for his su-su after every couple of hours where all he seems to want to do is splash in the water. And immediately on taking him out of the loo after ten minutes of making inducive sibilant sounds, will proceed to wet my cedar wood flooring. Or worse my ducksdown comforter. Lordee. Potty is another post altogether. Right now we're addicted to suppositories. The trauma of passing hard stools has still not been overcome, and he still jams buttocks together when the urge comes on him. Poor baby. As long as he expels. How many battles can one fight in a day? Especially after listening to Jonny jonny for three fourths of it. Yeah papa.

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