Monday, February 20, 2006

Nursery woes begin

Met up with dear friend for coffee yesterday. Like all urban time pressed moms, she too has a three year old ready to make his way into the big bad world of school. Her kid has managed to get his admission into Jamnabai Narsee School, that bastion of Juhu snobbery which has been churning out celebrity kids into filmstardom for the past so many years. Will Ecole Mondiale displace it now as the place to send your kids if you can afford it? I wonder. Frankly, even to me, Ecole Mondiale feels like a place that is too expensive. I wouldnt mind even a boarding school, but not a dayschool that charges quite that much. But then, nothing is too less when it comes to quality education for these kids. She unfortunately has afternoon school timings for her brat which effectively manages to ruin her entire day. Thankfully I had the prescience to choose the morning shift which does mean that I ruin my sleep but I will have the day to myself once the brat is back from school and safely deposited in the custody of either mother. Discussing the merits of schools versus schools and realised how cut throat the competition is to get the brats into good schools. Have another friend who is not at all concerned about admissions and such stress. Considering her brat, at a month older than my specimen can probably rattle off the dictionary backwards, she shouldnt be worried. That brat was using complicated words like aeroplane in correct context while my brat was making gurgling sounds. But her lackdiasance is a little worrying for a natural panicker like me who likes to have all things wrapped up well in time.
Cut across to the deadwood suburb I live in and the playschool where the brat currently goes where all the mothers are just looking for a school they can trot across to with brat in tow, not a single one wants to take on the stress of any sort of travel to a school.
Brat runs into school with such joy these days that it is a delight to see him. I know that the first few weeks at Billabong are going to be replete with wailing and temper tantrums. But hopefully he would love it there too. And yes, there is a swimming pool too. Considering that the father is a national swimming champion, hopeful that he will take to water like a duck. Right now of course, coordination is so shaky that pedalling is also not happening, therefore, we sit on our 'shakal' and walk our way around the world, seated on a bicycle. By the way, brats verbal skills are developing at such a ferocious pace that he actually told me to shut up yesterday when I was in the midst of giving him a dressing down for making a mess with the water he was supposed to be drinking. Talking of drinking, why is it that the brat can drink an entire glass of Maazaa mango without spilling a drop, but needs to be spoonfed a cup of milk painfully for the better part of an hour. Now that he has been weaned off the bottle (rather cold turkey one might add, in the short stint that he had in hospital recently).
Coming back to school, am already working backwards on my timings. School to be reached at 8.45 am, therefore, home to be left at 8.15 am, therefore brat to be woken up at 7.30 am, and self to be woken at 6 am. Gawwwwwd. How on earth is one to manage that? Guess one would have to grab some shut eye in the middle of the day. Can just see myself nodding off in the middle of a meeting. Just like me to do that. The brat of course, will get his dose of shuteye and then be awake bright and sparky to ruin the rest of the world's sleep.
Will cross that bridge when one comes to it.

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