Thursday, October 21, 2010

Down the years

 First Birthday. Mamma is looking the sleep deprived witch she was then.
 Third Birthday, he still needed to be lifted up to have his head above table height.

 Fourth Birthday. In his rapper avatar. And very sleepy and grumpy.
Fifth Birthday. The Superhero theme. The Orange Jacket. Subtlety is not a word in the brat's dictionary.
The sixth birthday. The Ben 10 cake with the lotus candle that refused to blow out like a self respecting candle.

And this is the seventh birthday. Mamma just realised she has no pictures of the brat's second birthday, because no one took any.


  1. Egad! A Ben10 cake...will make sure my brat does not hear of it, he was demanding one for his party this weekend!!

    Lovely series of pics...sure no one clicked any of the latest pahty?!!!

  2. really off the topic but you look hotter and hotter as each birthday goes by :):)

  3. Starry eyed: Pics were clicked by dear friend and by Sister In Law. Waiting for them to come in.

    R's Mom: *Blushes deep*

  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Belated birthday wishes to Krish. And I second R's mom.