Tuesday, March 15, 2011

About Very Bad Words

The brat siddled up to me last evening.

"Mamma," he asked, in the curious tone that presages complicated questions which will undoubtedly have mamma refer to google or the complete visual thesaurus and such like.

"Yes, brat," said mamma, still calm and confident that she could handle any question of whatever category thrown at her.

"F U C K is a very bad word, no?" he asked, his eyes gleaming with the thrill of having said something that he knows is verboten.

"It is a word that children should not be using," I replied, refusing to go into the semantics of the word.

"Bud Pappa says it sometimes. Like wen we was watchin the Cricket Match with Saoud Africa and India. He said F U C K many times when peepuls were gedding oaud."

Mamma debated internally on how to tackle this. "He did, did he? Let me tell him that it is not a nice word to say and then he will stop saying it."

A lopsided grin split the brat's face. "Arey, he's nod goin to stop saying it. Today he's wearing it on his teeshird. F U C K. No no. F C U K. He changed the alphabeds bud I could still read it. Is a bad word to wear on the teeshird no?"

Mamma resolved to hide the pater's said brand Tshirts at the bottom of heap.


  1. amrica guy1:08 AM

    yeah,people do a lot of things to appear 'cool'.lingo,slang is only a side of that for the young generation...parents do have to be a 'role model',and that is higly uncool since you always have to mind your p's & q's,watch ur tongue.
    on the upside,this is worse in US,where everyday lang is over-peppered with such earburning slangs.Preach the kid to what extent ppl can go to sound
    'cool',& to conform or nonconform via lingistics

  2. oops.. a tough one to handle.. best of luck. They do seem to pick up the worst words fastest...:-(

  3. I always wonder how kids observe these and learn, my daughter says Shit very often, when something falls down or if we get a red light while driving..oh my god I don't know how to make her stop...

  4. Amricaguy: Tough one

    Obsessive mom: The forbidden fruit
    is always sweeter.

    Weourlife: They have elephant ears and are on all alert, I am better behaved in front of my son than my mother.

  5. As I had said earlier too, I feel being a hypocrite to stop the child from using these kind of words especially if even one of the parent uses these in front of the child. I keep checking husband, but would it work, is a question.
    I use uh-oh or too-much, which he uses liberally and does sound cute.

  6. ROTFL!!!! he's nod going to stop saying it!!!

  7. Brat is observant! But I read somewhere today about how our censor board turns red at the word, while teenagers use it 'like comas and full stops'.

    It's just a word for Brat, just four forbidden letters.

  8. Meenakshy: Guilty as charged, but the hubby now keeps his tongue clean most times, the kid has elephant ears.

    Itchy: Nope he isn't.

    IHM: He is, too much for his own good! True, the language teens use is appalling!