Sunday, September 11, 2011

The brat's first sleepover...

...happened this weekend. I am still openmouthed with shock that this little squirming ball of flesh that emerged mewling like a small feline from my uterus is now old enough to decide he wants to do a sleepover. Without me. I mean, I had put my job definition down as indispensable. That needs to change now. Let me go honk into a tissue before typing out the rest of this post.
Anyway, at some point on Friday, when I was probably busy doing domestic kind of things in the kitchen, the brat had gotten hold of the phone and dialled up a friend whose sons are besht frens. "Aunty," he apparently asked her, as he tells me later, "Can T and K come to my house for a sleepover."
It warrants mention that these are kids from the old apartment complex, the one we just moved out of. Some animated conversation happened, of which I was completely unaware and it was decided that instead of both of her sons coming across, the brat would go across and stay over on Saturday night. I smelt something rotten in the state of bratdom when he was up bright and sparkly at 6 am the next morning. Which was a weekend. Which normally saw him in mouth opened snoring sleep till 9 am most weekends. "Why are you awake so early brat?"
"I have to go for a sleepover. Pack my backpack. M Aunty said to bring a small bag wid yer klodz."
I was openmouthed shock. With great difficulty, I restrained him from calling up M Aunty at 6 am to confirm the sleepover date. At a decent hour, read 9 am, I let him at my phone.
"Aundy, tok to my mudder."
The mudder and the aundy spoke and it was decided he would be parcelled off to Aundy's place post lunch and we would check how comfortable he was about staying overnight and take a call at that point. Anyway, the old complex is a a five minute drive away so he could always be picked up and returned to home base at any point.
The bag was packed with much excitement. The night suit was carefully folded and packed in first. Along with two additional sets of clothes. Mamma noted with a strange, unfamiliar twinge of dismay. She later recognised it as an acknowledgement of the fact that child is now truly growing up.
I called in the evening, the child was too busy to talk to me. The friend came on the line and informed me categorically to come the next morning to pick him up. My friend assured me he was having a blast.
I did get one phone call from him, at night, to say goodnight. That too, my friend insisted he call up and speak with me. He, of course, was having too much fun to think about calling poor mamma, who was moping around the 'kaatne ko daudta hai' house bereft of his mischief, draping herself weakly over the sofa like a limp asparagus. Oh I exaggerate. I had an entire television to myself. I was channel surfing without little hands tugging at the remote. It was heaven.
The next morning I landed up at the appointed time to pick him up. I swear I saw his face fall a bit when he saw me at the door. He was still shovelling in breakfast. We left, him in his nightclothes, after finalising the next weekend when his friend would come across for a sleepover. I think I can now start planning a social life of sorts if this sleepover thing catches. Time I got out and had me some fun too.


  1. process of growing up.... these sleepovers continue and become permanent after a certain age.. the so called indispensable parents... are dispenced for good... but all for their betterment......

  2. Enjoyed thoroughly ...Pangs of Parenthood...gone thro this situation myself and believe me its very very difficult ...try to call the child and more often than not does not come on line...and u suddenly miss a heart bit or two..beautiful piece...can;t think of a better adjective....

  3. Aww, how cute! :)

  4. Yup. My local hostel-staying college kid was last seen at home some three weekends ago- there were out station and in station football matches being played, and too much busy-ness for home and parents:( C'est la vie, Kiran.
    Well, at least we didn't have sports channels continuously playing on the TV! There's always a bright side, non?

  5. Vikram Ahuja: Yes, back to reclaim our lives.

    Rajesh: Thank you
    Aarti: :)

    Dipali: Absolutely. I should look at the bright side too.

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