Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mamma's little helper

So Mamma went to Hypercity to get the monthly provisions, which went into many huge plastic bags, including 10 kg pack of wheat flour and two five kg packs of rice. A five litre can of oil. Pulses, detergents, etc, etc. Mamma always feels like a pack mule after she's through with this shopping, an experience she dreads.
Pappa picked us up and dropped us home. Where the complicated situation is that one drives into the basement parking, takes one lift to go to lobby level and then switch lifts to go up home. Or if one has luggage, one takes the service lift right up home. Since we had enough groceries to qualify as valid luggage, Mamma demanded Pappa offload all the provisions near the service lift, which he did. Then we waited and waited and waited, but the lift showed no signs of moving from the floor it was on.
"Let's go to the udder lift," said the brat.
Mamma looked at the bags and despaired thinking of the inside outside that would have to be done four times over for all the bags. "No, let's wait," she replied.
"Don worry," said the brat. "I am strong, I will help you."
And to her open mouthed consternation, he did. Lifted a fair amount of bags in and out of the lifts and to the door of the house. Including the 10 kg atta package. This with the school bag on his back.
Mamma is sending him for weight training now. This is one hidden skill she never thought he would have. And of course, his willingness to lift weight and carry stuff to help her made her go all teary eyed.


  1. Mard ka bachchha. :) Bless him.

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    i can picture krish reading this piece with a smug smile to himself,as any "beeg boy" would.
    good boy :)

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    That's a darling child!!

  4. Thank you doting aunts.