Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yes, that's how karmickids helped me start something I'm proud of....

Read this in Time Out Kids Delhi:


Thank you everyone, for being such wonderful readers and supporters of both karmickids and IndiaHelps.


  1. Yay!! Well deserved :)

  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I seriously thought of bookmarking this blog for posterity.I admired the post where you talked about brat's fight and you resolving his issues,or shared bits about controlling a restless child at a restaurant.There are a few posts which go beyond chronicling .I feel this carries a mother's love and outpourings on a child's growth trajectory just as a handy cam would carry memories. If you ever decide to shut this blog down ,let these posts stay in the virtual world.

    P.S-don't know if this post means you are shutting shop,or the issue of plagiarism that might scare you to let it exist even when the urge to post anything has died or is snuffed by krish's growing social consciousness.

    P.S-please DO NOT POST this comment.