Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday party time again

Too soon, too soon. It barely feels like I've gotten over the madness
of the previous birthday and it's time for the next one again. You
might just find me shivering in a corner of a room, muttering
incoherently, the glazed eyed terrified look one has when one is
surrounded by hellions. Which I will be. Inevitably.
Around 30 to 40 of them pintsizes enclosed in a small room does not
make for much sanity to last through the course of an entire evening.
Anyway, since I am a mother committed to the task of having her child
have the best memories of his childhood possible, I've gone through
with the birthday party shebang all over again, even though I might
have to extricate my teeth and sell my fillings to pay for it.
This includes, hiring of venue, hiring of caterers, hiring of
decorators, hiring of games host, DJ and tattoo artist, and of course,
cake and return gift. Which I've been told has to be Cricket Attax.
"Fer everyone" Boys and girls. We are gender neutral in our love for
Cricket Attax apparently. And the theme of the party has to be
Cricket. I have nodded by head non enthusiastically thinking about how
wonderful it would have been if the child had inherited his X
chromosome donor's love for the printed word and fallen in love with
the wonderful characters from Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl. I could just
imagine a games host as a Willie Wonka and the servers at the party as
Oompa Loompas. But that is so not to be.
So a cricket party it will be. Venue, caterer, decorator, DJ Host, etc
all done. Now to keep the disprin and alcohol on standby to be able to
smile through the entire event beatifically.
Next year, I'm so just taking him out of town for his birthday.


  1. manisha5:02 AM

    happy birthday to your little cricket attax fan and all the best to you...

  2. Sounds like it will be one helluva fun party ! Have fun, Kiran ! And Happy B'day to Krish !

  3. So now i know what my son has been asking to get me Cricket Attax, as he gets assimilated out here in Mumbai.
    Thanks ;)

  4. But that's so different, Kiran. Not the usual suspects of Disney created characters that drive one's budget crazy. I'm still recovering from the "Cars" b'day party I had for YO on Monday.