Friday, October 28, 2011

So we went to see Ra.One

The brat has been itching to see Ra.One ever since the promos began on
the small screen. Everytime the Chammak Challo song would come on,
he'd bounce up and do the hand movements. Everytime the Criminal song
was on, he'd ask me leading questions about Akon, his antecedents, his
music, etc, leaving me to do some serious google baba research in
order to answer his queries. And then he was gifted a Ra.One
Playstation for his birthday which pretty much sealed the deal.
"I wantu see Ra.One in 3D. Is a game. ShahRukhKhan is a robot. I like
robots. They can run on walls."
Ergo, we went to see Ra.One. In 3D. The movie didn't start too
promisingly. Mamma was frothing at the mouth at the inappropriate
language being used. Abuses flew fast and thick while mamma tried hard
to cover the brat's ears. And got asked cheekily, "Wot means Tere Baap
Ka B%$#@d." for all her efforts.
The storyline was wafer thin, what made Mamma wake up from her
snoozing twice over was the entry of Rajinikant in a two minute walk
in part, which had Mamma whistling and hooting. The brat though, was
totally captivated with the special effects and the gaming and the
villians and sat openmouthed enough for wandering insects of the
flying variety to make a detour to inspect his dentriture. "Ossum" was
the verdict, when we emerged. Though Mamma had to be nudged awake and
told to snore softer in periodic intervals of the movie.
Then the questions flew thick and fast. "Shahrukhan made dis movie fer his son."
"Ossum. An he made the playstation game also fer his son."
"Yes, son."
"Wat's his son's name?"
"Is so lucky. I wish dat my fadder wuld make for me a superhero movie."
I raised my eyebrows.
"Bud fusht pappa hastu become thin udderwise that suit will not fit him."


  1. Ha ha. Kids are brutally honest.

  2. Lolz!! So did srk manage to inspire the dad too?!?
    Am becoming a huge fan of the brat!