Monday, November 14, 2011

The brat went to see Rockstar

I asked a few friends whether I could take the brat to see Rockstar, having yet to recover from the gobsmackedness I experienced when, I, in all innocence, believing SRK's publicity spiel about Ra One being a movie for kids, actually saw Ra.One. No thanks to Ra.One, the brat's vocabulary has now been vastly enhanced and he now actually KNOWS ABOUT GENITAL PIERCINGS.
Let me sit back and mop my fevered brow at the horror of that thought. Anyway, ergo when it came to Rockstar, The Adventures of Tin Tin having being declined graciously because obviously, the brat has no history with Tin Tin, the way I do. Rockstar, said well meaning friends who had seen it, had the middle finger and smooching and that was about the level of inappropriateness they could think off. Given that the tykes at the playground are flipping the bird at each other over playtime disputes, and given that the brat had already initiated with me, thanks to well meaning friends who discuss these things, a discussion on why lip kissing and cheek kissing and tongue in the mouth kissing is different and what is allowed, I thought one little smooch couldn't hurt. So off we went for Rockstar. It started off all fun and games and slowly went dark and grim. The brat kept waiting for the fun moments but they were few and far between, he had the most fun when the record label head was getting his bone crunching massage done.
The songs he liked. The Kun Faya Kun dargah number had me get gooseflesh on my arms, the boy commented kindly on 'How ole yer Shammi Kapoor is' and my eyes misted in tears at the thought of my first ever crush having passed away. The romance he didn't get. "Bud she is married. Den wai she's loving RanbirKappoor?" I didn't have the heart to explain adultery and such like to him. And frankly, I couldn't get a grip of the 'love' the characters shared meself to do any explaining to him.
We emerged from the theatre, a little dazed, blinking towards the light, suitably thrown off our feet by the music, and Sadda Haq, I tell you, should become the anthem of the current generation. And I talk to the brat about how he's a creative chappie and how he practises his music and plays the guitar and sings from his heart. And the brat replies, "He doesn't study in college?"
Errm. "Yes," I replied grudgingly, "He dropped out." And then came the bomb. "An wai he called Heer Palangtod?"
Yes. Mother Earth Swallow Me Now.


  1. I cN understand how all the why's must make u feel. ;)
    So as not to harass u more, i will hv to wtch the movie to get the answer to brat's last ques on thispost..

  2. Rockstar is another hype like RA one.These days movie runs for 3 days and people forget about it.

  3. Am still reeling from Ra.One. If this is the kind of humour SRK swaps with his son, then there's definitely something wrong with him!

  4. Chini's and Sugarz mom: Hope you did.

    Knee High: Absolutely.

    Mamma Mia! Me a Mamma: I tell you. Appalled at Ra.One.