Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food baby

The brat, thanks to a pleasant combination of genetics and an unparalleled love for food has got a nice little rotund pot belly these days, much to the combined horror of his pater and moi. He does three days of post school karate, swims occasionally, runs around whooping and yelling for two to three hours every day, but the pot belly stays.
Initially, he was quite pleased, it made him resemble the pater even more. "I godda stomach like Pappa."
Yes, my son.
"We're machchin machchin."
Errm. It's not actually something I would want you to be matching matching about, son. And consumed with horrific stories on childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes and early onset of hypertension and such like, I would encourage him to run the minute mile a few times everyday in a bid to get him to lose weight.
But of course, mashallah, he is a child who appreciates his food. Until last night. He entered the room with an air of slight panic about him.
"Mamma, how wuz I born?"
I sat down patiently and explained how he grew in my stomach and the doctor cut my stomach and took him out.
His eyes filled up with tears, "Bud I don wan dokter to cut my stommak. I'm frightinned."
But, child, I tried to reason, why would the good doctor cut your stomach.
"Because N tole me tuday in d park that 'tere peyt mein bachcha hai'. I don want a bachcha frum my peyt."


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Oh Kiran

    Your little boy is growing up.

    Warm wishes


  2. lol!! looks like theres something similar going on in our chappie's head too! couple of days back, he comes home from school and says, "amma, u should eat more and more" when asked why, he replies, "because then u will get fatter and have a baby in ur stomach, so then i will have a brother or sister to play with"!!!!!!

  3. LOL!! He is such a riot!