Thursday, December 22, 2011

The brat attends his first Catholic wedding reception

For the eight years of his life, the brat has never been to a Catholic wedding. Fewer cousins getting married, and he being very small when the initial weddings happened, and ergo kept back at home rather than me chasing him around the venue was the reason he wasn't around at the few weddings which happened post his being born and then, when this, the wedding of a cousin cropped up mamma thought it would be good for him to experience how wedding receptions happen in other religions, him being exposed only to the standard stand in line, hand over gift and then go eat of most weddings we go to.
"Do you want to come to my cousin's wedding?" mamma asked him.
"You gotta cuzin?"
"Yes, I have many cousins," mamma replied. "How many?" Mamma did a quick head count and named the number 16.
"Yer lying. You cannot have 15 cousins. I have four cousins."
"But I do. Come to the wedding and you'll meet my cousins."
And mamma added as temptation factor, "There will be lots of chicken mutton fish."
It was the clincher.He agreed to come.
We landed at the venue with nana, where he was most fascinated by the three tier cake and the figurines of the bride and the groom on top. And the beautiful icing flowers. And then the entire shindig of the confetti throwing on the bridal couple, the bridal march and the jiving, waltzing, foxtrotting, insisting on doing some, butchering mamma's corns in the process, and finally coming into his element when the dance numbers began spinning and mamma was kindly excused from the dance floor and he danced his heart out.
He returned to the table, sweat pouring down his face, drinking up the carbonated beverage placed in front of him, looking around hungrily.
"Mamma. Catlick weddings have no starters?"
Luckily, service of said starters began quickly enough and he ate. And ate, and ate. And loaded the tissue paper in front of him with some more. Mamma was meeting up with relatives she hadn't met in years, some since childhood, and he was quite surprised to note the number of aunts, uncles and yes, cousins who were popping up.
And finally, dinner was served, and more gluttony happened given the menu was nothing short of a feast for carnivore brat.
At last fed and sated, his eyes drooping heavily, given it was way past his bed time, we made our way back home. Mamma asked him, "Did you enjoy the wedding?" Yes, he replied. "Wen I ged married, I'm going to have a Catlick wedding. With all the chikkin, mutton, fis. And a DJ an a dancing. And I wantu wear a flower in my coat. And make my hair in spikes wid gel."
Of course, mamma told him. "An in my wedding we'll have strawberry icecream. Nod kulfi falooda."
Ermm. So that's all settled now. All that is needed is the bride, I guess.


  1. haha..adorable :)

  2. Aww, how cute! I would've happily agreed to become Mrs. Brat if I were Catlick. I love Catlick weddings too *high-fives the brat*

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM

    so sweet!

  4. Awww :) Wedding planning!