Thursday, December 08, 2011

Growing pains

When I was around brat's age, I remember ruining my mom's sleep by begging she dabbed my legs. My calves to be specific. My legs ached and ached and ached and they ached every single night. I don't really remember when they stopped aching but am sure they did because I don't remember the mater pressing the calves with maternal love when I hit college.
So last night when the brat rapped at our bedroom door gently and begged to be allowed in, I jumped up and let him in. "Mamma," he whispered, "My legz are paining. Very badly."
For a moment I panicked. Why were his legs paining? Did he hurt himself? Where were they paining, I asked him. "Here," he whispered back, telling me to "Tok soflee or Pappa will gedup and shaoud."
He lay down on the bed and I pressed his legs, acutely aware of the flashback to my childhood and my mom pressing my aching cramping legs in much the same way.
After around 15 minutes of energetic leg pressing my sleep had much dissipated and I asked the child whether that was quite enough. He nodded his head and disappeared into daadi's room, where he co-slept with her. After approximately 20 minutes there was another rap on the door. "Mamma," he hissed in faux whisper, "My legz is still painin badly."
He was allowed in, his legs pressed a while and then packed off with a heavy pillow and the advice to put said heavy pillow on his legs. Ten minutes later he was back. "Mamma, nutting is happening wid dis pillow. Is still paining badly." My heart melted over. I did some more leg pressing. He drifted off to sleep. Sadly I can't carry him anymore, he's too heavy for that now, so I woke him gently and shunted him off to the other room.
"Mamma," he said. "Thank you." And pecked me on my cheek. "Is okay now. Is nod painin. Is because you pressed it. I knewed if you pressed my legs it will stop paining."
What goes round comes round. This is karma biting me on my substantial butt for all those nights I made the mater press mine aching calves.


  1. kidds face this problem? hope he is better now

  2. Brat is getting growing pains too. Was just thinking I should post before I forget :( Give Kichu a huggy for the achy legs.

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Hi Kiran;

    Sorry to hear about your son's pain. When you had experienced the same pain as a child, had the doctor's specified a reason?

    Hope he feels better soon.

    Do take care


  4. Oh! Talk about it! Now that i am a mom, I do feel that everything does come around!

  5. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Growing pains are so painful, sadly there is not much we can do apart from pressing the feet. Even my son keeps complaining of these on and off..

  6. Oh dear, yours too?

    Mine has had this problem since she was a baby, and it goes on still. She is eight now. I've never had leg pains as a kid. Not fair !

    I hope your little one outgrows the growing pain. Until then, give him a hot water leg wash before bedtime. It *sometimes* helps.