Monday, December 12, 2011

Mission Eat Fruit begins

The brat, following in the footsteps of his mother, has appallingly unhealthy eating habits. Ah well, not quite as appalling as it sounds, given that he has three homecooked meals a day, and his two glasses of milk, but the fact remains that his intake of raw vegetables and fruits is at the bare minimum. Make that nil.
Ergo, when I blogged last week about his leg pains, I was swamped with concerned emails from friends and fellow bloggers with the same message coming down to me. "Make him eat fruits and especially bananas. He needs potassium."
I gritted my teeth. I am so not a fruit and veggie person and I was happily passing on my bad dietary habits to the child with absolutely zero qualms. I self flagellated myself for a bit, and then rushed out shrieking to stock up the sadly depleted fruit basket on the dining table which only daadi reaches out for in the house, the both of us, mamma and pappa being such unhealthy eaters.
I began the other day. "Brat, come eat an apple," I said. He sneered nastily into my face like I'd suggested he eat worms or something of the ilk "I donwantu eat apil. I want to eat chikkin nuggedz."
I started on the spiel about how he needed to eat fruits and raw veggies to improve his mineral intake and to get strong and not to have his legs ache at night and such like. He heard me out calmly. Or as calmly as he could when his eyes were on the television screen which was set on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. "Okay Mamma." Mamma was quite surprised to see the calmness with which he accepted that he would have to increase his intake of the raw stuff.
"I'll eat fruit jellies. Is made from fruit. Is very helldy. "


  1. As always, he's the cutest ever!

    But Lady K, he does need his fruits, it's something I insist upon with the EO and YO. Perhaps you can try by mixing diced fruit with homemade custard and/or jelly? Add some cake to it and you've got yourself a home-made trifle! I can vouch for it's yumminess because the kids here LOVE it :-)

  2. Banana bread is an awesome idea. U can hide in it as much fruits as u want!

  3. At the risk of TMI how do you keep regular without fruit and vegetables? Do you eat lot of brown rice, bajra, oatmeal and lot of whole grains?

    I second the custard idea. I'm pretty sure my mother made it just for that purpose.

  4. my kind a boy... i wud take a chicken anytime over fruit unless its a mango