Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So. Mamma gave a speech.

The brat was woken up Sunday morning, spit polished and poured into his clothes.
"Where we are going?"
We're going to St Xavier's college, in town, because mamma has to give a talk.
"In a college? With big chillun? Yu're a teacher?"
No, mamma assured him that she hadn't taken up the noble profession and this was a one off. Mamma, Pappa and brat took themselves down to the car where the questions continued.
"Whachyure going to talk about?"
About Twitter and blogs and facebook and India Helps.
He nodded wisely.
"Nobody knows about twidder and facebuk and IndiaHelps."
Erm. They do, but they want me to tell them more about it.
"Bud wai dey aksed you to come an talk. Yure a gud talker?"
Much speechlessness followed.


  1. He is yet to know his true multifaceted mom!

  2. Congrats Kiran on the talk. Why dont you include a video link in a Blog Post?

  3. :-) This kind of Brat-speak is my favorite.

  4. LOL! No matter who we are outside the home, to our children we're just plain old Mum and Dad. :) I trust the speechlessness abated before the event?