Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

The brat emerges from school a puzzled frown splitting his adorable brow into half. "Mamma, wot is Valentine's Day?"
Ermm. Mamma should have known this was coming and read up on what the Good Dr Spock said parents should do when confronted with such leading questions. But, not having had the foresight to do so, she had to wing it, and so she did.
She debated for a split second on whether she should give him the back story about St Valentine, poor tortured soul, reputed for bringing together Christian lovers and getting them to tie the knot, albeit in cloak and dagger fashion and ending up headless for his efforts, given that the emperor du jour, whose name slips me at the moment, did not take too kindly to (then not yet a Saint ) Valentine's suggestion that he convert to Christianity too. Ah well. That was dropped. Then I wondered whether I save him the trouble of agonising over diamonds for his girlfriend when he hits his teens as I see some teens around me doing, and emotionally blackmailing their parents for the funds to prove their love for their current crush and explain the commercial Valentine's Day marketing behemoth to him. I dropped that too. It would jade his innocent soul too early and bring in the rancour of cynicism.
Ergo, I kept it simple. "Valentine's Day," I began bravely, "Is a day when you are supposed to show your love for the people in your life."
"Bud," he persisted. "Howtu show yer love?"
This was smooth sailing henceforth, I thought. "By doing nice things for the other person."
"Layik gedding fer dem giffs?"
Errm. Yes. I conceded reluctantly. "Den if you luv me you'll get fer me three packitts of Slam Attax."
I must say the child let me get off cheap. Next year I will explain how Valentine's Day is reserved for romantic love and how motherly love does not quite come within its ambit, if the scale of said gift increases.


  1. Hahahha.........speechless

  2. I really like what you told him. It is all about reassuring your nearest ones that you love them and they are important in your life.

    My secondgrader did a wonderful month long valentine's day project in school. Each child wrote a letter to each person in their class telling them why andhow that person was important to them. Great letter writing practice and opportunity to show appreciation. On valentines day the teacher gave each child a file folder with the letters addressed to them.