Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Treasure House Summer Programme

If you are part of the mommy blogging circuit, you would know UTBT. She's a wonderful person, an educationist and has now begun this wonderful children's library and activity centre in Hyderabad called Treasure House. She mailed me a couple of weeks ago regarding a Summer reading programme she has started at her library at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad and with every good intention of posting about it, the mail got buried in the backlog of what must be done right now, yesterday and day before yesterday deadlines.
Forgive me, UTBT, but here it is, about her programme from her blog.

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Treasure House can be called a children’s library, but the thing is, it is much more than just a library. When you are there you feel the 7000+ books being carefully cataloged and cared for, the bright and spacious rooms inviting you, the amazing art studio inspiring you. You will feel like bringing you child and just being there, reading and participating in the programs they offer. If you live in Hyderabad, check it out, you will love it.
This is where I am to be found this summer, if you are looking me that is :)
I am designing a Summer Reading Program for TreasureHouse.
The program is called Reading Bugs.
It is for children age infant – 15.
For parents of children age 0 – 5, I am offering a parent information work shop that talks about why reading is important, what are the early literacy skills that are targeted by reading to young children, what to read, when to read, how to read, why we are reading what we are reading.
For children age 6 – 9, THE BUTTERFLIES BOOK CLUB. The underlying goal of this book club is to make children aware of other genres. The world of books is not just magic, fantasy and what-ever-my-older-sibling/friend-is-reading. There is fiction, non-fiction, drama, picture books, chapter books, environmental issues, humor, classics, mythology, history, exploration/discovery/voyages…. and many more. Catch them young, when they have started reading independently and introduce them to the different choices so that they pause at their age level and explore choices at level instead of jumping to what is popular and run out of choices soon. I call this, my ‘prevent children from getting lost in the adventure/magic/mystery Bermuda triangle’ mission. Children will interact with Sridala Swami, author of Cheenu’s Gift and Sandhya Rao, editor of Tulika Publishers.
For children age 6 – 9, I am offering a workshop. MAKE YOUR READING BLOOM. The idea is to work with beginner and reluctant readers on certain skills that will improve comprehension and fluency. This will be a 5 session workshop.
For 10+ children, in keeping with my Bermuda triangle theory, I am doing THE MYTHOLOGY BOOK CLUB. This club will analyze mythology as a genre, compare elements from various mythologies, talk about mythological characters and beasts and has two author interaction sessions. Devdutt Pattanaik and Anu Kumar.
Excited. Terribly :)"

I so wish I was in Hyderabad. I could take the brat to this and hopefully have him get interested in the wonderful world of books, without him snarling like a caged beast everytime I insist he gets his mandatory half an hour of reading.
And I wish I could be there for the Devdutt Patnaik interaction. I am, in true awestruck fangirl mode, totally in reverence of the skill with which he contemporarises mythology and makes it accessible and relatable for all ages. 

If you are in Hyderabad, here's where you can contact UTBT and Treasure House. 
Phone#: (040)23550118


plot#1254/A Rd#63,
Adjacent to ICICI Bank rd#36,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 5000033

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  1. After reading this post, I desperately want to be in Hyderabad. Lucky kids!