Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hindustan Times initiative 'You read They learn'.

I've always been a great believer in that old maxim, Each one, Teach one. Now here is not the perfect soap box to get on my high horse and list out what I do to follow it, and to guilt prod you about how you plan to contribute to society, etc, but I do see my maid working multiple homes, slogging herself to the bone, only to ensure her son goes to a private English medium school rather than the municipal school because she wants him to have the qualifications to emerge from the socioeconomic circumstances they are in.

This is what I received many days ago, but didn't get around to posting back then because, errm, I was drowning in multiple things. (Everytime I get asked that awful question, how do you do all the things you do, I'm tempted to reply 'By not doing half the things I should be doing.'). Anyway, here it is:

"Hindustan Times is undertaking a campaign called 'You Read, They Learn' - a year-long initiative to promote quality primary level education for underprivileged children in Delhi and NCR. Hindustan Times will contribute 5 paise every day from every Metro copy of Hindustan Times sold in Delhi-NCR to fund the education of over 10,000 children over the year. As a first step of the initiative, Hindustan Times has printed a beginner’s textbook in every copy of the newspaper in Delhi-NCR today." 

I would really be interested to see how this campaign goes further. More than that I would be keen to see each and everyone of us, make an effort, reach out to at least one underprivileged child and help them with school fees, with tuition fees or even take time out and sit with them and help them with their studies. Only by spreading education can we hope to see them get out of the cycle of poverty they have been born into. 


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